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Andrea Touskova: " Brno 2008 was an event I will never forget "

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Today we have the pleasure of being able to have an interview with Andrea Touskova, a woman rider that made ​​a wild card in Brno 2008. Where she will tell us his firsthand experience in the MotoGP Championship. We also asked the Czech rider about his current situation and their withdrawal in 2011.Not to mention his thinking as female rider about the differentiation between men and women categories .


CH.V: You ran in the world championship Brno in 2008, how did you feel when you were racing with the 125cc riders? Was it difficult to race with them?

A.T: It was definitely an event I will never forget. It was a great experience for me because I had a chance to be on the track with the best riders in the world and I tried to learn something from them but at the same time it was difficult because they were much faster than me. Even though we had some difficulties I enjoyed the whole weekend and I was glad I could be part of this amazing world for one round.


CH.V: What do you think about racing women? Do you think that women should race in a different category and the men in other, or both together?

A.T: I fully support all that ladies championship because I know it’s not easy to have the same pace as men. On the other hand if the girl is fast enough she should compete with men. Everybody sees those girls in motogp as a nice variegation in this man sport and I am a fan of both of them.


CH.V: Have you ever had any impediment as a woman? What will you say to a woman who wants to start riding a bike?

A.T: I heard any times that women belong to kitchen but I did not care much because there will always be men whom are against racing women. When there were any other girls we usually tried to support and help each other. Even though it’s a tough sport it is worth it to start.


CH.V: Do you think you'll race back soon? What do you think you haven't done well for being in 125cc? Do you think you'll run another time in the motogp Championship?

A.T: I’ve already retired after 2011 season. In the past years I suffered many injuries and I knew that I will never fast enough to be a permanent rider in motogp so I decided to end up and focused on my university studies of international relations. During my long career there were good moments and bad as well but especially it gave me a lesson to the real world and I’ve learnt how to get on with people.




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